At present, there are 203 Students from 1st Standard to 12th Standard studying at Rangammal. The School is situated in Tiuvannamalai District, which has a low Educational Standard compared with other Districts of Tamil Nadu. However, the Rangammal School always obtains good result in 10th and 12th Board Exams, whereas the main stream Schools in Tiruvannamalai Struggle to give 70% overall. The School has deep concern for the academic performance of the children.  Every child is paid individual attention.  The slow learners are given Special care to do academically well.

Where they come from?


Most of the Children are coming from within 50 km surrounding area.  Some of them are coming from nearby Districts.  Very few come from Chennai, Salem, Dharmapuri Districts, which are more than 200 km away from the School. 160 Students are resident in the Hostel and the remaining students attend the school as Day Scholars.

Students’ family Background:

student family bgThe majority of the Students of this School are from very poor family background.  Most of the parents have insecure jobs and have limited awareness concerning Deafness.

This is the only School in our District, which imparts education for the hearing impaired children as they have no other Higher Secondary School for the Hearing Impaired  in the District.

Causes of Deafness:

causes of deafnessThere are many reasons for a child to be born with hearing impairment. One major reason behind congenital deafness is thought to be consanguineous marriage which is very common in Tamil Nadu. First cousins are uncle niece marriage is not unusual often for economic or caste reasons.

Counseling the Parents:

Most of the parents are illiterate or semi literate and unaware of the reason for deafness.  They have difficulty to communicate with their children.       We guide them every child to be nurtured with love and affection and guided by adults who have knowledge about the child.

Deprivation and Rejection by the family can adversely affect any child, more so a child with disability. The school is always open to such kind of child.

Avoidance of Integration:

The Government has appointed trained teachers to integrate the deaf children in the regular school through Sarva Siksha Abiyaan. However the children avoid to be integrated in the regular schools. Because, the classroom is too much crowed and special care is not given to them. Moreover, most of the Government teachers do not know how to teach these students. Therefore, the integrated students come back and rejoin in our School.

Student Achievement:

student with CMDuring the academic year 2011-2012, one of our 10th Standard Students A.PANDIAN, who received Rs.14, 000/- Cash Award from Honorable Chief Minister for securing 2nd Place in State level Board Exam.

We are proud to say always the Rangammal School secures 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in Thiruvannamalai District in 10th and 12th Standard board exams among the Hearing Impaired students.
Students details (From 1992 To 2014-15)


Admitted Students up to 31.03.2015 634
No. of Students Completed 10th Standard 184/191
No. of Students Completed 12th Standard  85/88
No. of Students our School (at Present)
Boys  121
Girls 82
Total 203
Hosteller 168
Day scholar 35
Total 203