Joe McGuiness is a sponsor from the UK of Sugasini, a sixth grade student. He shares a few words about why being a sponsor is important to him…‘I felt I had always been particularly lucky in life and reached the point where I wanted to share some of that good fortune with others who perhaps didn’t have the same life chances as me. I was aware that profound deafness is a huge handicap, especially for a young person, and for someone living in a poorer part of the world, life would be extremely difficult indeed. When I found out about Sylvia Wright’s School for the Deaf I immediately felt this was something I wanted to support. By sponsoring a young girl in the School, I feel like I’m really making a difference to her life. Being able to exchange letters and cards gives me a lovely feeling inside. It somehow establishes a real connection with her and I hope that in some way we bring something a little different and a little bit special into each other’s lives.’Mr.Suresh who is a local sponsor and sponsors Premalatha, a young girl studying 1st std.

“I am extremely happy with the sponsorship process, a feel of direct involvement is very important to me. I really appreciate the pictures and feedback; She has a lovely smile. I keep all the pictures.”