Whether you are an individual, a group of friends, a business partner, a school, college or a group of colleagues you can provide for a child and develop a sponsorship plan.

If you want to become a sponsor you can learn more about all the children from their biographies, with photographs, through Mrs. Angela Clark.

You can become a sponsor by contacting Mrs. Angela Clark directly on 0113 2677660 or by visiting www.sylviawright.org where you can download a sponsorship form.

If you have any questions regarding child sponsorship, please contact the following people


1.Sylvia Wright Trust (www.sylviawright.org)

2. Mr. Allinson (chairman@sylviawright.org)

3. Mrs. Clark (clarksatleodis@hotmail.com)

Tamil Nadu

1. Madam Sylvia (rmsdtvm@yahoo.in)