To be a parent of a physically and mentally challenged child is an enormous challenge to the parents.

Even in this more enlightened age there is often a social stigma attached to a child who is born with a physical or mental handicapped and even if this is not the case, the parents often have to come to terms with extra expenditure, special schooling and concern regarding the child’s future employability and independent.

Most parents have little understanding of the needs of such children and the specific help they can give the child to overcome the challenges of the condition. In the case of the hearing impaired the importance of communication with the child and how they can help them acquire speech is not understood. As the child grows, both teachers and parents should jointly work together so non academic lessons and skills learnt at the school can be continued during the holiday period.

The Rangammal School maintains this important relationship between the parents and the teachers. With this in mind PTA was found and meeting ensuring every month. So, the school holds the Parents Teachers Association 3rd Saturday of every month. The role of the PTA is to facilitate communication between the two groups – Parents and Teachers – and to ensure each group understands the thoughts and concerns of the other.

The parents have an opportunity to share their opinions and suggestions in the development of students’ education not as their suggestions are highly respected and implemented. The PTA brings the parents and the teachers closer together and always the parents to be directly involved in their children’s education.
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The parents play an important role within the PTA. Their suggestions are very helpful in the development of students education. The attendance of parents at meeting is also essential in developing working relationships between the parents and teachers. Overall the PTA brings the parents and teachers closer together.

The two groups interact once a month in our auditorium. Thanks to the PTA, relationships between parents and teachers have developed and flourished due to increased opportunities for communication. At the meetings parents are able to voice any concerns or suggestions that they may have whilst teachers are able to share their own opinions and the goings on within our school. In this way a greater understanding between parents and teachers is formed.


parents contributionAccording to the norms of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, every year Rs. 25/- (less than half a Dollar) is collected towards the development of the school. The fund is put in the bank on School account and it is used to buy stationery items to the children. The parents are happy to contribute this small amount.

parent speaksThe parents attend PTA meeting regularly. They recognize their part and they feel happy to share their views and suggestions. Most of the parents are semi-literate and some of them are illiterate yet they are actively involved in the education of their children through PTA. They feel that the school is not just an education setting, but a small family unit. So they are grateful to the school having a successful PTA.

The Parent Teachers Association is a rewarding activity held every month in the School. The Parents actively involved in their children’s education. They give valuable suggestion to the development of the school. They become the witness of the school. Through the parents, many come to know about this special school for the hearing impaired and put their children. The PTA makes the school as a small family unit between the parents and the teachers.