The school hostel is within the campus and provides facilities for up to 200 children.

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Reason for the Hostel:

Hostel facilities are necessary due to the rural location of the school. Many of our students live outside of the Tiruvannamalai area and so without the hostel would have to travel long distances to get to the school every day.

The school hostel is  within the campus and provides facilities for up to 200 children. The hostel dormitory is furnished with beds, cupboards and equipped with ceiling fan with a common recreation room, a colour television .Parents and local guardians may visit their children monthly  or at any time if an emergency occurs.
Hostel Facilities are provided free of cost:

  • Boarding and lodging
  • Each student gets separate bed, mattress, pillow, linen, bed sheet and cot
  • Three sets of uniforms and night dress are provided
  • Sanitary items are provided for every child
  • The safety of the students is highly cared
  • Fire alarm system is installed in the school and the hostel
  • Dhobis are appointed to wash students clothes
  • Ayahs are appointed to take care the students
  • Three wardens are appointed to look after the children


Aims of the Hostel:

  • One of the main aims of the hostel is to enable all of the children to feel comfortable and “at home” despite the fact they are away from their family.
  • We aim to create a community atmosphere similar to that of a family where the children feel cared for, looked after by elders and supported by their friends.
  • Within the hostel the children are very caring towards one another particularly the older boys and girls looking after the younger students.


The Ayahs at the hostel server as a ‘ mother’. The wardens at the hostel serve as a mother or grandmotherly figure for all the children.

Meal times are happy times at Rangammal School. All the children sit together and share meals. The teachers also eat with the children and these facilities a closer bond between them. The children are also taught dining room etiquette and table manners.
cooking fetching water vegetable cutting

Dining halls serve hygienic and nutritious vegetarian meals and Non-vegetarian planned by the management. Before the students take food they are helped to wash their hands. They provide purified water. The kitchen and dining room are kept clean and tidy.
Daily Menu for students:

Day Morning Afternoon Night
Sunday PongalChutney        Non –Vegetarian

  • Rice
  • Chicken
  • Pepper water


  • Rice
  • Sambar
  • Vegetable -Beans
ChappathiGuruma(Veg-Potato, Green peas, Tomato)
Monday IddlySambar RiceBrinjal SambarPepper waterVegetable – Beetroot RiceButtermilkPepper water   Vegetable -Beans
Tuesday IddlySambar RiceRadish SambarPepper waterVegetable –Ladies finger Tamarind RiceVegetable – Beetroot
Wednesday PongalChutney RiceGreen leafSambarVegetable –bottle guard RiceEgg – CurryPepper waterVegetable –Potato
Thursday IddlySambar RiceSaber Bean SambarPepper waterGreen peas sundal RicePepper water   Vegetable –Cabbage
Friday IddlySambar RiceBrinjal SambarPepper waterVegetable –Potato RiceEgg – CurryPepper waterVegetable –Savsav
Saturday IddlySambar RiceSaber Bean SambarPepper waterVegetable -Beans ChappathiGuruma(Veg-Potato, Green peas, Tomato)

Reasons for the childrens diet:

  • The food menu at Rangammal School is specifically designed to provide a notorious balanced diet to our students.
  • The menu was drawn up after careful consideration to ensure it included all the essential food groups: Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamin, Fiber, Fruits, Vegetables, Minerals and Healthy fats. It is very important that all the children receive a balanced diet as it is integral to their health.
  • General well being and energy levels
  • All of the children at school enjoy their meals and eat very well
  • The school provides 3 regular meals each day a long side drinks breaks and snack-time in the evenings.


The students take bath twice a day. Infants are give bath properly by the Ayahs. Their dormitories are kept clean and the toilets and bath rooms are cleaned often by the Ayahs. So hygienic of the students are ensured.
ayah helps the child care by the senior studentHygiene
Reason for Hygiene:

Hygiene of all the students is very important in order to maintain their health and to make sure they take pride in their appearance every day.
Health care:

The founder of the school has a medical background. There is a separate room when a students get sick immediately taken to the hospital by Madam herself. First aid is given by the trained teacher in the morning and evening. Medical records are maintained for each child. Medicines are provided free of cost for the children.

The health of our children is of the utmost importance at Rangammal School.

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Our main aim is to provide a “home away from home” where children feel loved and valued take responsibility for those younger than themselves as elder brother and elder sister.

Madam lives with the children and tries to provide by her presence a sense of stability and care so the children feel secure and cared for.

As one child said – Madam loves the dogs, Madam loves the cows, Madam loves the birds, Madam loves the fish and Madam loves me.We try our best to make it true.