Former Differently able Welfare Officer
Former Differently able Welfare Officer

In 1991 the District Collector approached Madam Sylvia Wright with a request to start a school in Tiruvannnamalai District for the Hearing Impaired. At that time, there was no education provision for such children and there was no Government provision for integration into the regular schools. The number of teachers who were trained in teaching the Hearing Impaired was very limited. The only Tamilnadu Government recognized Teacher Training School was situated in Chennai.

The number of children affected with Hearing Impairment in the District was very high although there was no figure at that time.


Madam Sylvia recognized the need, and never one to refuse a challenge, rented two large houses in Tiruvannamlai one for the School and education purposes and one to use as a hostel as the children came from a wide catchment area.

Old School
Three trained teachers of the Deaf, headed by Mrs. Rebekka Isaac as Headmistress, plus suitable domestic staff were employed. The Government recognized the school and helped with 3 teachers salaries and feeding charges and issued hearing aids.

We initially enrolled 32 children both boys and girls with ages ranging from 4 years to 10 years. All services provided free of cost to the children and their families.

initial students

The school quickly become very popular so much so that Mr.Ranga Reddy a philanthropic and generous supporter offered his house free of cost to be used as a hostel for the children as long as we needed thus saving money spent on rent.

Mr.Ranga Reddy
Mr. Ranga Reddy

It was quickly realized that eventually we should need to build a purpose built school and hostel and again a generously minded and philanthropic gentleman came forward and donated six and half acres of land in SAMMANTHANUR for that purpose.


The Sylvia Wright Trust in the U.K. agreed to finance a school and hostel to be built on this land which was eventually opened in 1996 by the Minister for Housing at that time Mrs.S.P.Sargunam and the Minister for Social Welfare. We opened with 200 children ranging in age from 3 ½ years to ninth standard.


The school was recognized as a Higher Secondary School for the Hearing Impaired by the Government of Tamilnadu and is now knows as one of the leading schools for the Hearing Impaired in the State.

The majority of children are residential but others who live in the town are brought daily to the school, free of cost, by our special bus.

old bus

The School has many facilities for the education and welfare of the children and is surrounded by well kept and attractive gardens and orchards. A playfield (very popular with the boys) is kept for games and recreational activities especially cricket.

Simple swings and climbing frame are provided for the younger children.

The children are served by a devoted group of teachers headed by Headmaster Mr.Raja and supported by ayahs and domestics cooks and canteen workers who ensure the clean hygienic preparation of nourishing food to ensure the health and well being of the children.

The School caters for all castes, creeds and religion and makes no distinction between individuals.The children are brought up to respect all people’s religious beliefs and take part in all festivals whatever their personal persuasion and thoroughly enjoy it!


The School is completely free of cost – tuition fees, uniforms, hostel, etc. the parents if possible contribute a small amount for shoes and personal hygiene items. The bulk of the money to run the School and pay the staff, etc. is supplied through the SWT, UK… click to see more about  sponsorship

govtIn addition, the Tamilnadu Government, pays three teacher salaries, helps towards feeding charges, provides subsidized food and some stationary items for which we are very grateful.


In order to meet the financial costs needed to run the school and care for the children a Sponsorship Scheme is operated in the School.

If you wish to know more about this, please view the Sponsorship information.