The I.T. world is developing very rapidly. In the past, literacy rates were estimated on the percentage of people in any given population who had the ability to read and write. An individual lacking these skills was severely handicapped in many ways and opportunities for gainful employment was limited .In the (21st the same can be said of those who are not computer literate and completely at home in the fast changing digital world. Our children are already struggling with profound hearing loss.  We would be failing in our duty to them if we added this additional handicap.

With this in mind, the school is equipped with a computer laboratory with state of the art modern technology to which the children are exposed from 5 years of age.


IT-staffThe teaching is included along with the regular Government curriculum. Three highly qualified and experienced teachers are employed to meet the challenge. Daily classes are introduced from 1st standard and continued up to Plus II level. It is hoped in the future that computers, lap tops, etc. will be introduced as normal teaching tools in the classroom when funds are available.



Programme curriculum:

The programme curriculum is well organized and oriented.  The children are encouraged to develop technical knowledge and skills by participating in small and major project works.

Phase –I

  • Basic of office Automation (MS – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Etc…)


Phase –II

  •  Advanced Course (Tools, Multimedia, Latest Technologies,etc….)

multimedia animation

Phase –III

  • Students Project

activity-1 activity-2 activity-3

Learning is provided in both Theory & Practical. The Medium of instruction is English. Individual attention is given to each student and special care is given to the slow learners by providing more access.


Class & Timetable:

Each class last 45 minutes.

Lower classes (U.K.G – V) has 4 hours per week.

primary-practical-1 primary-practical-2

Higher Classes ( VI – IX) has 5 hours per week.



Assessment is done based upon two phases.

  • Internal which includes lab exercise is done by daily/weekly/monthly.
  • External assessment     includes the sum of Internal the term end exams marks (Quarterly/Half-yearly/ Annual) both theory and practical.

System Administration:

The Computer Lab contains

  • 30 computers– The computers are well equipped with advanced software and operating system.
  • Server – A Server operating system is provided share connectivity for all the systems.
  • The lab offers a Black-white laser printer. Every computer is connected with a printer.
  • The LCD Projector& Laser light is provided for teaching-learning purpose.
  • A broad band Internet connection offers a wide range of Internet connections. Each computer features a full time Internet facility.
  • The computer lab is equipped with a speaker which provides an effective sound system for audio/video.
  • Two Air Conditioners are provided in the computer lab to balance the temperature.
  • The External device CD Writer is available which is used to read/write the data.
  • A White board is added with the lab.
  • Anti Virus mechanism has been installed in the systems to secure the computer.

Modem Networking projector ServeracAntivirusPrinterSpeakerWhite Board
Further studies & Placement:

The school has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sacred Heart College Tirupattur, St.Louis college in Chennai , Worth Trust in Vellore. They also give opportunities to the student for further study in the Institution.