1. Pure Tone Audiometry machine connected to a lap topLaptop
  2. Otoscope
  3. TYMPONOMETRY – To determine middle ear function tymponometry
  4. Auricle Aid (REM / RECD/HIT correct with HIPRO2 FROM Otometrics

As the climate of our area is hot and humid and its effect on sensitive equipment is uncertain, we have therefore installed the Dehumidifier to minimize the effect and ensure our equipment is in good working condition at all times.

Regular Hearing assessments are performed on each child to ensure optimum use being made of the equipment.

The Hearing Aids are regularly checked and re-programmed as necessary.  Reports on each child are submitted regularly to ensure the child is receiving the maximum benefit from the Hearing Aid.

Under this scheme, the children have made very good progress in developing their verbal skills and overall comprehension.

They are therefore more confident in interacting with the wider Society.