To try to meet this problem, the SYLVIA WRIGHT TRUST, a registered charity in the U.K. together with ROTARY INTERNATIONAL provided 41 pairs of SIEMENS programmed/computerized Hearing Aids.


In October 2014, PHONAK and HEAR THE WORLD FOUNDATION were contacted and generously sponsored 87 Hearing Aids for our children.


All the children were reassessed by a trained audiologist from PHONAK INDIA with support from HEAR THE WORLD FOUNDATION, who not only supplied but fitted the Aids to the eighty seven children in 1st – 8th Standard.


The scheme is now been extended to 9th Standard children.  Totally 117 children have now been fitted with these expensive hearing aids free of cost which has made a great impact on their speech and hearing abilities.  The Hear the World Foundation has also provided free batteries for every child provided with the above hearing aids for the next two years.This great work will be on-going.The SWT intend to provide every child in the School with the programmed and computarised hearing aids – free of cost.Current cost for each Hearing Aid Rs. 35,000 – 40,000/-
Audiology Room:


Once the Hearing Aid is fitted, it needs to be kept in good working order.To this end, we stock the latest instruments and regular checks and assessments are made on both the Hearing Aid and the progress of the child.Two generous donors helped with this work.

  1. Ranga Reddiyar Chatram, India
  2. The family of Dennis and Frances Macaulay, UK.


    Instruments used