Two Audiologists from the ” Hear the world” foundation came to visit us, they were called Anna Biggins Senior Audiology Manager and Crystal Variava, Director of Audiology & Education Sonova, India.

During the course of school week pair of audiologist worked closely with the students themselves but particularly with the four teachers that make up the audiology team at our school.

They trained the teachers in matters concerning the students hearing aids for example, how to change the soft mould tube, guidance on how to take good ear impressions. They also provided basic hearing aid repair and trouble shooting training to every teacher in the school, and knowing when it needs to be sent for repair.

Crystal and Anna have really helped and educated us, Our Madam really appreciated their hard work and is very thankful. Their help will really benefit our students. we hope to see them again soon.

In February 2015, two audiologists from HEAR THE WORLD FOUNDATION also spent one week with us


In November 2014, M/s Alice Alkins a volunteer audiologist from the U.K. spent three months with us training a specially picked team of teachers from our school.